Using this tutorial:
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You can follow the tutorial below while watching short animated scripts by clicking the appropriate buttons.  At anytime, if you want to change the view of the structure, do the following:
Rotate: Click on mouse and drag
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Move: +Ctrl and right click

If you are familiar with RasMol commands, you can also use them through the JMol console.

Backbone 350, sidechains wireframe 300

Protein backbone:

Residues 2-85 colored blue

Residues 86-122 colored light blue (dimer interface)

Carboxyl terminus (residue 123) colored red


Switch residues (residues 53, 83, 102) have backbone colored green and sidechains in CPK

Positively charges residues on dimer interface (residues 91, 115, 117, 122) colored dark blue

Negatively charged residues on dimer interface (residues 96, 100, 101, 111) colored red

Hydrophobic residues on dimer interface (residues 92, 95, 114) colored pale purple

Scripts prepared by Victoria Wei and Vitor Oliveira

PDB ID: 1B00
Sola, M.,  Gomis-Ruth, F.X.,  Serrano, L.,  Gonzalez, A.,  Coll, M. (1999) Three-dimensional crystal structure of the transcription factor PhoB receiver domain.
J.Mol.Biol. 285: 675-687